Some of Our Rockstars

Samantha Bedford

Founder & CEO

I was fortunate to have started my career in the digital space close to the time of Google’s inception, over 15 years ago. I ran search campaigns in the days where you could see what your competitors were bidding, then bid $0.01 higher. I’ve watched the space evolve into the complex system it is today where you need a strategic approach in order to achieve a client’s goals. It has been interesting to see how it has become so scientific. We need to use many factors in order to determine what blend of metrics are most important to achieve goals and optimize accordingly.
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Caitlin Garcia

Director of Strategic Accounts

I am a rare Colorado native, born in Boulder and raised in the Denver suburbs. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Business. While I’ve spent time in the corporate world managing $4mm annual budgets with a narrowed focus in paid search and landing page optimization, I have always been drawn to agencies and developing close client relationships. I learned the executional side of digital marketing at 90octane and managed strategy and account growth in the tourism and telecomm industries at Location3 Media. I most recently spent time in the start-up community at an interactive video software company called Rapt Media. As Director of Client Services, I built a team of 6 and grew the services division by over 9x in my first year.

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John Pope

Account Coordinator

I was born in the UK and qualified in Engineering at Peterborough & Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montfort University) specializing in machine design. I worked on various Projects in the UK before moving to Cape Town, South Africa in the early 80’s on a two year contract, but ended up staying over 30 years. After the initial two year contract, I moved into Management for 5 years before returning to consulting in design and project management for various companies in South Africa. During my last 15 years in South Africa, a partner and I formed a packaging manufacturing company, developing it from one employee to over 30.
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Chris Kuhn

Website Design & SEO

I am a Creative Director and Interactive Designer currently based in Denver, Colorado. With 8+ years of experience designing websites, enhancing brands and developing integrated marketing campaigns, I am an asset to any creative challenge.
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Madison Johansen

Account Director

I am a CU grad, born and raised in Colorado. I started my Marketing career at a larger agency in Denver, then moved cross-country to work for an ad tech company in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Chase the Pico Mascot

Chase the Dog

Resident Play Officer

Chase spends his days providing licks, jumps and well-deserved play breaks to the Pico team. He’s been living the good life since late 2016 and is the official Pico mascot!

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