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By Heather Schallert

What Is Augmented Reality?

Besides just being super cool, augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view through a multitude of devices. The technology uses a live picture from your device and pairs it up with your real-world environment. The result is dynamic user experiences that are engaging and sure to reward those businesses who take the time to master this emerging technology. According to Retail Perceptions, revenues from AR are expected to grow to $120 billion by 2020.

Tools for Augmented Reality Outputs

Currently, with the right skills, you can design an augmented reality interface through a multitude of devices as long as they have a camera that can showcase the real world environment in real time. Mobile devices will undoubtedly be the most popular but there are a variety of others: Augmented Reality Glasses, Augmented and Virtual
Headsets, and more.

Augmented Reality Technology Makes Local SEO A Critical Component

Augmented reality makes it possible for users to scan their mobile devices and receive back information on the businesses in their immediate area. The information includes everything from ratings, testimonials, reviews, and special offers. Augmented reality apps have the capability to provide users with location-specific offers and deals – all in a fun game-like environment. Yelp is already providing geo-location based AR experiences and soon businesses will be able to rent marketing beacons that will project Augmented reality experiences directly to passers-by.

augmented reality

First To Market Augmented Reality Will Be Key

People love new experiences and even if they are not immediately excited by your company’s offerings, the buzz created by being able to interact with one’s environment will surely inspire people to want to “Try it out” for themselves. If you were to scan a busy location with your camera, you would be able to see the details of those businesses around you: the latest reviews, ratings, and offers.

Location-Based Geo-Targeting

Send out offers and deals in the form of experiences to potential customers who are close to your business location. You could be walking past your favorite restaurant and you might just see the image of a lunch special flashing in front of you. The offer could also be based on your user history and preferences for the type of deals you gravitate towards, your favorite foods, and more. Or maybe “Come in for a scoop of ice cream and some of your favorite tunes.”

location based geo targeting

Emphasis on Visual Search Elements and Interactive Content

As a search engine, it is Google’s mission to provide the most relevant answers to user queries. Google is now investing heavily in AR platforms like Daydream. The search engine is working on providing immersive experiences to its searchers. This is congruent with Google’s vision to keep improving searcher experiences and thus maintain its thought leadership position as a preferred search engine globally.

We are forecasting that AR-based content will have a greater probability of ranking higher on search engine results. Forward-thinking businesses must start incorporating Augmented Reality into their content marketing strategy. Augmented reality improves overall user-experience and enhances content interactivity. It makes content experiences more immersive and memorable. AR will take visual and video content to the next level. Search and content marketers will have to match up to the new experiential standards that will become an integral part of gaining new customers and continuing to delight the existing ones with fresh content.

interactive content

Riveting Website Experiences

Websites will increasingly use AR/VR technology to provide superior and more engaging user-experiences and create buzz. This Ray Ban Sunglasses website offers an opportunity to test Ray Ban sunglasses on you before you buy. You can choose the frames and their designs apart from choosing the glasses and their color. It is very simple to use and gives a great perspective of the glasses with you in them! This showcases how many E-Commerce websites will be able to let customers try on their products before they buy them. Social sharing to create buzz and ask questions like “Should I get the red ones or the black ones” will be yet another component in this emerging opportunity.

website experiences

Social Media Campaigns – Buzz and AR

The power of social media engagement and social shares has been a search ranking factor for years. Technologies like face and image recognition will give way to innovative and exciting social media campaigns.

Optimizing Google My Business Listings

Optimizing your Google My Business listings will become more important than ever before. When a user scans a business location, they will see a virtual listing of the building along with competitor listings in real time. Make sure your listing is compelling. Will the prospective customer want to walk into your business location on the spot? Differentiate yourself from those around you with an interesting, fresh, and keyword-ridden listing with great reviews.

Local Directory Listings

Local directory listings have always been essential for showcasing your content in front of the right searchers. Getting listings on directory apps that provide enhanced AR experiences to searchers will become a necessity in the times to come. This will make your listing stronger and help you stay competitive.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews will become an even more important factor for search as well as direct conversions from consumers, as potential customers will be able to look at reviews as they walk down a crowded street deciding which store to enter. The more you encourage and gain positive reviews and ratings for your business, the better it will be for your search results as well as your bottom line. Managing and resolving negative customer queries will also become equally critical. Augmented reality turns reviews and ratings into real time.

Link Building?

Will building backlinks remain relevant when AR-driven content and experiences become more and more prevalent? The answer to this question is a simple yes. Quality backlinks will remain relevant and in fact, we believe they will be even more essential. Users will undoubtedly spend more time engaging with content and the ability for them to easily share, comment, or link through to many different sources will be limitless.

Prepare Yourself For The Next Immersion

Brands will have to work more towards managing local search optimization and image search optimization to ensure better visibility and business outcomes. Collaboration with apps providing local AR experiences will be another essential for better consumer reach. AR will help brands to level-up their web and social media campaigns through alluring and immersive campaigns using Augmented reality. If you would like to speak with a Pico Digital Marketing specialist, we would be be happy to learn about your company’s immediate goals and make them a reality.


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