Pico in partnership with Refactored Media, took home Best in Show, Gold and Silver honors at this year’s newly branded Fourteener awards, hosted by the Business Marking Association and American Marketing Association. Our programs also won a 2019 B2 Award from the Association of National Advertisers for Search Advertising (SEM or SEO).

Best in Show for Strategy & Gold 2019 Fourteener for SEO Program $75K-$150K

ANA B2 Winner for Search Advertising (SEM or SEO)


After working through a rebranding and marketing strategy, InfinityQS had surged ahead of competitors. As a leader in the space, competitors began to follow their example to increase keyword volume on their sites, leaving InfinityQS to figure out how to maintain top visibility for high-volume keywords in the quality management space.

Our team began with a full analysis of keywords and themes to figure out new areas to focus on organically. A gap was identified as it related to entry-level information for users looking to learn more about quality and SPC software capabilities. Using existing educational content on the website and unpublished relevant content, the Refactored Media team developed three new interactive resource sections. These were The Definitive Guide to SPC Charts, SPC 101 for Manufacturing, and an SPC Glossary. Pico ensured each of these new sections were fully optimized from an organic perspective to provide high visibility and ultimately drive more quality traffic to the site. In addition to SEO, the new pages were all evaluated for relevance and how they fit within the existing site structure and content.


In less than four months, we saw…

  • 325 new keyword rankings
  • The content boosted existing keyword rankings – 248 keywords site-wide, 13 in the top 3 organic listings and 72 in positions 4-10
  • 366% more organic sessions
  • The new interactive pages saw average time per session of 4:09
  • Continued thought leadership and support of users through education


Silver 2019 Fourteener for ABM Program



Several years of record-breaking sales led the InfinityQS, Refactored and Pico teams looking for new ways to elevate results and keep the momentum going in the SPC software space. They were looking for a better way to engage with customers and open the funnel to new potential prospects. The site was already built with content based on a user’s industry to cater to different segments, but with constant change in the space, segmented content wasn’t enough. The sales team wanted a way to connect faster with these prospects.

Refactored focused on working with the InfinityQS sales team to identify prospects and potential high-value accounts, while also meeting with individual team members to understand their challenges and customized needs. From there, work was done with the Marketing team to understand the need for new customized content built specifically around this effort including banners, ads and custom pages.

Personalized content and nurture templates were created to customize a user’s interaction with the brand and help engage new prospects. Pico helped to define the overall digital marketing strategy for the program, created ad campaigns and deployed the program not only in Refactored’s CompassABM tool, but also through LinkedIn to take advantage of all ways to interact with ideal accounts. We monitored performance and made strategic updates to ensure ads were resonating and starting to provide expected results.


  • The program was expanded to 3 additional designs and levels of personalization
  • The program was implemented in LinkedIn with custom ads to drive further engagement
  • Sales teams received nurture templates for each ABM level
  • While still a pilot, the program has started to drive effective results


We were also shortlisted at the Fourteeners and a finalist at the ANA B2s for our partnered ‘Website Rebranding with a Purpose’ project for U.S. Borax (Rio Tinto)


ANA B2 Awards


About the Awards

The B2 Awards from ANA (Association of National Advertisers) recognize the top B2B marketers with a special focus on driving proven results.

The Colorado Chapters of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and American Marketing Association (AMA) teamed up to rebrand the Gold Key awards into the Fourteeners. The Fourteeners celebrate great marketing projects and the teams that tackle business challenges.

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