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For all digital marketers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the bread and butter of a successful website and company. Many small businesses are looking for solutions on how to boost SEO and leads, so we’ve put together this simple guide.

At Pico Digital Marketing, we aim to empower our community through education and support. This guide on how to boost SEO and leads has the power to change how you operate your business. And the best part is, companies of all sizes can benefit from this. When you look at major corporations and small start-ups, they’re all doing the same thing to boost SEO and leads. It may look a bit different because of the size of the company, but the tactics are the same.

Sometimes all it takes is a new approach and refreshed strategy to see massive results. You’ll also watch your website rise in the ranks on Google, which will bring in more organic traffic and get you seen by people ready to take action.

If you’ve approached your SEO with a “set it and forget it” strategy, then you’ve come to the right place. SEO can seem overwhelming and like constant work, but when you lay a solid foundation on which to build upon, you’ll see that it doesn’t take much maintenance at all.

Let’s get started on discovering how to boost SEO and leads with these killer digital marketing hacks.

How to Boost SEO and Leads: 4 Digital Marketing Hacks

When it comes to traffic, conversions, and qualified leads, you might feel like you’re staring into a black hole. It can be overwhelming to try to figure this out on your own, especially if your SEO hasn’t been touched in months or even years. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and with these digital marketing hacks to boost your SEO and get good leads, you’ll be well on your way to a higher ranking on Google in no time.

There is no “secret” on how to boost SEO and leads. The process is multifaceted, yes, so approaching it from many different angles is going to get the best result. Let’s take a look at the top digital marketing hacks to boost SEO and leads.

  1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases
    SEO is built on keywords and keyword phrases. Doing research into what your target marketing is searching for online, and the language they’re using is the best way to gather a robust list of keywords that will help your prospects find your website. Keyword research is simple, and there are many different ways you can do it. Check out this guide from Hubspot to learn more. Identifying specific words and phrases will not only help you incorporate those words into your website and marketing copy, but it will also give you an insight into the mind and goals of your ideal customer. When you use the same language they do, you’re making an instant connection that they’re not even aware of. The customer will feel like you’re “speaking their language” and will develop trust much faster than if you were using basic terms or played out marketing jargon. Doing regular keyword research will help you with the next tip on how to boost SEO and leads. The “set it and forget it” model that so many companies use just won’t cut it today.Once you have chosen your keywords, you’ll want to organically work them into the URL, page titles (especially H1 tags), and content. This needs to be done tactfully because user experience (UX) and readability will always come before SEO. Sacrificing good writing for SEO will be obvious, and it’s a fine line. Always write for how the subject is used first and SEO second.
  2. Update Content Quarterly
    Content is king, and always will be. Updating content is an easy solution on how to boost SEO and leads, but it has to be done with relevancy and ethics. Google loves fresh content, so when you update the content on a page, it will have something new to crawl and index. When you do this regularly, you’re not only ensuring that you’re delivering the most updated content, that you also stand behind, to your reader and customer, but you’re giving Google something new to crawl.This doesn’t mean that you should completely revamp your site regularly. However, if you set time aside once per quarter to perform an audit and review the content site-wide, then you’re going to be in a good place.

    Things change quickly in our modern world, and updates are natural. Something may no longer be relevant, or there’s a new way to do something you’ve shared with your audience. Even just changing a few headings and lines here and there will help. But be sure that what you’re changing will still serve the reader first and foremost.

    No one wants to read an article with a keyword phrase every sentence. Even to the layman, it’s obvious that a natural way of writing is not being used. Simple updates to your content will also help you remain in your integrity as a company, and you can add that to your marketing language. Something like “we ensure our articles are always updated with the most recent and relevant news in (insert topic) so you are properly informed” will go a long way with your audience. Click here to learn more about common content marketing mistakes.

  3. Get Creative with Marketing Tactics
    With the mass attention span seemingly nonexistent, people are looking for creative and innovative ways to be engaged. Whether they realize it or not, marketing fatigue is real and it’s a beast. If you’re doing the same things online and on social media that everyone else in your industry is doing, you’re going to fall flat with current and prospective customers.People want to be stimulated. They want to see something new. And you want to boost your SEO. So pairing those together and getting your creative juices flowing will benefit everyone involved.
    How to Boost SEO and Leads: Digital Marketing Hacks
    Creative marketing tactics include unique giveaways, cross-promotional events with other brands, a fun yet informational video series, a free challenge, creative pop-ups, subscriber exclusives, and so much more. When you think about what would be fun and beneficial, there is a lot of overlap and a lot of potentials to engage a whole new community.

    Qualified leads don’t regularly just find your site. They have to be drawn there by creative marketing tactics. People are looking for something different in the overwhelming sea of the internet, and doing something different is your ticket to boost your SEO and get those qualified leads in the door. Digital marketing isn’t black and white. Digital marketing is the whole spectrum of color, so use it!

  4. Jump on Video Marketing
    So many people are uncomfortable with video content, but the fact is that it’s not going away. In fact, video marketing is becoming the preferred format in many industries. With attention spans dropping, the internet and social media becoming saturated, and people having more online access through smartphones, you’ve got to jump on video marketing.While video marketing doesn’t do much to boost SEO, it will definitely attract qualified leads. And any digital marketer will tell you, you’ve got to be on video. People are more inclined to watch a 60-second video than they are to read a 500-word article. And while content will always be king, especially for SEO, you’ve still got to engage your audience.People, more than ever, are looking for humanity in companies. They want to know where their food is grown, who made their clothes, how a digital product was created with behind the scenes footage. When you seek to make a connection and build a community, rather than make a sale, you’re going to win every time.

    Even if someone doesn’t purchase or convert right away, the seed planted will flourish and the trust will develop over time. Videos can include vlogs, tutorials, behind the scenes, product reviews and demos, testimonials, live streams, and so much more.

    In fact, 87% of digital marketers have said that video content has increased traffic and 80% said video boosted sales. This is the direction the world is moving in, and the quicker you jump on video the better.

How to Boost SEO and Leads: Digital Marketing Hacks

The Bottom Line

Staying up-to-date on trends and tactics in digital marketing is essential to boost SEO and gain more qualified leads. When you spend time and energy staying current, you’ll discover that so many changes, but quite a bit stays the same as best practice. And when you pair innovation with tried-and-true practices, you’re approaching digital marketing with a multifaceted mindset.

You’re now equipped with some solid tools on how to get good leads for digital marketing and how to boost SEO. You have all the tools you need to increase traffic, sales, conversions, and leads.

Getting the advice of a professional digital marketing agency is always a good idea, especially when it comes to SEO. Get in touch with us at Pico Digital Marketing to talk about how we can amplify your expertise with our unique digital solutions.

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