Pico began work in order to improve Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s overall online presence as it relates to competitors and the children’s healthcare marketplace and to increase conversions.


The client had previously been working with another agency and felt that their program was becoming stagnant. The primary goal for Pico was to reach new and expecting parents, as well as existing parents looking for pediatrician services in the Wisconsin area, which would be fulfilled at any of 24 area primary care offices.

As a secondary goal, the client was hoping to glean insights from customers who visited the site through online advertising efforts. They wanted to know how these people found the website and learn about their behavior once they were researching. Many times a visitor would come to the site because their primary care physician had already referred them to CHW for other reasons more extensive, like fetal or heart concerns. Success was to be determined by form fills from parents for primary care programs and analytics data collected from site visitors including bounce rate, time on site and pages per visitor, to cover those visiting for deeper health conditions.

Pico Strategy

We began our engagement by restructuring the paid search accounts in Google and Yahoo!/Bing to take advantage of relevant features. This included the addition of ad extensions, structured bidding by match type, new ad groups and keywords based on search query reports and additional research, and a new budget strategy to ensure top performing areas and keywords were receiving a higher share of overall spend. Over the course of the campaign, additional keywords were added and removed based on performance and ad copy was re-optimized to include terms and phrases most relevant to a user’s actual search. For example, pet allergy ads were updated from generic allergy copy to specific pet descriptions to increase the value of each click.

Results and Conversions

  • Total average monthly conversions from parents increased over 160% in the first 5 months since Pico took over the program
  • The cost per acquisition of each of these users decreased by over 60%
  • Bounce Rate decreased 14%
  • Pages Per Session increased 27%
  • Average Time per Session increased 39%
  • Total sessions from paid search increased over 41%
  • The number of new users increased over 25%

“Since Pico Digital Marketing took over the company’s project, the vendor has frequently produced high metrics for the client. Internal stakeholders appreciated that the team is knowledgeable and talented. So far, it is a successful engagement.”

Erin Oechsner
Ads Strategy and Analytics Manager
Children’s Wisconsin