We began working with an ecommerce company to increase online sales and drive customers to find a store in their area and visit.


The client had previously been working with another agency and was not seeing the results they expected. They felt the program had become stale and wanted to revive their digital marketing efforts. The primary goal was to drive users to the site that ultimately purchased items online. As a secondary goal, they wanted to drive traffic to their store locator page to convert users from online researchers to in-store customers. The success of the program was determined by total online transactions from paid search campaigns, in addition to clicks on the store locator page and calls to specific locations driven by these online efforts.

Pico Strategy

Pico began the engagement by expanding programs into new markets and audiences. Remarketing campaigns were set up to take advantage of customers who went to the site and added items to their shopping cart, but ultimately didn’t purchase them. A Gmail campaign was developed in order to promote the brand to a very targeted audience and provide details on specials and new product offerings. Pico also took advantage of seasonality patterns. Specific keywords and customized messaging were developed to target users around the holidays when they were more likely to be shopping. This aggressive seasonal approach was developed using historical conversion data and overall ecommerce trends. Ad extensions were built out across all campaigns to ensure visitors had store location and contact details based on their geographic location or intent behind their search query. Local listings across the major players were also optimized to ensure any visitors received the correct location details.

Results and Conversions

  • Total transactions increased 5% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management compared to the prior 3 month period
  • Average transactions per month increased 137%
  • Total dollars sold from these purchases increased 19% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management compared to the prior 3 months
  • Average dollars per month increased 142%
  • Average ROAS improved 7%
  • Calls to stores and clicks on location details increased over 1700% in the first 3 months of Pico’s management

“Pico has been a huge breath of fresh air. Their blend of knowledge, diligence and creativity has drastically increased our ROI and made my life so much simpler.”

Brian McClister
Melissa Joy Manning Inc