Pico began work to improve Misty Jones Photography’s overall online presence within the local photography marketplace and increase contact form conversions and online bookings.


The primary goal was for Pico to design a paid media program on both Google and Facebook Ads to generate awareness for Misty Jones Photography within a 40-mile radius of her studio.

Pico Strategy

We began our engagement by restructuring the paid search accounts on Google and Facebook to take advantage of relevant features. We ran competitor analyses to see what local competitors highlighted about their services. We also looked outside that local area to see how additional competitors were marketing their photography services and how they were speaking about their offerings online. This enabled us to ensure that the messaging we place in the marketplace is unique, precisely what we want to portray for Misty Jones’s talents in photography.

We made sure imagery was used where we could push the visual elements of photography in a very text-heavy environment. We implemented vital audience signals like luxury shoppers, luxury cars, first class/business class travel, art, theatre, and higher education to ensure we focused on audiences that can afford her premium services. By implementing these adjustments, we can provide that all clicks going through to the site are pre-qualified rather than audiences looking for cheap photography services.

This restructure adds ad extensions, structured bidding by match type and conversion type with priority going to visitors making a booking online rather than just a contact form fill, new ad groups and keywords based on search query reports and additional research, and a new budget strategy to ensure top-performing areas and keywords received a higher share of overall spending. While the campaign was active, other keywords were added and removed based on performance, and ad copy was re-optimized to include terms and phrases most relevant to a user’s search. We also continued to adjust audience levers to drive lower funnel conversions through to the site.

Results and Conversions

  • CTR has improved by 299% from 2.36% to 7.04% – showing that the new structure and ads are drawing attention on a crowded results page.
  • The conversion rate has improved by 184% from 10.31% to 18.94%, showing optimal keyword and audience selection.
  • All tracking was fixed to focus the bidding on lower funnel conversions rather than contact us form fills.