Pico began working with Brandfolder (a Digital Asset Management Platform) to provide valuable leads and improve their online presence and brand exposure.


The client had previously been working with another agency and was not seeing the results they were hoping for. They were a new company entering an expensive market with terms costing more than $10 per click. The primary goal for us was to reach users interested in calling or requesting a quote for the product. As a secondary goal, since the product was new to the market, the client was looking to increase their overall online presence as it related to competitors and build brand awareness for their company. Success was to be determined by calls and form fills from interested potential customers, sales from these leads, and an improvement in overall online metrics including cost per click, click-through rate, cost per acquisition, and traffic to the website.

Pico Strategy

We started with an audit of the old account to look for opportunities and see where historical data could be utilized. We then implemented a new account structure in Google focusing heavily on ad extensions to provide users with deeper ways to connect with the brand and take more real estate on the search engine results pages. In addition to ad extensions, heavy emphasis was placed on budgets in top performing areas. Conversions were analyzed by geographic location and bid modifiers and rules were developed to take advantage of clicks from those regions specifically knowing that users were more likely to convert. A Facebook program was also launched targeting interests and remarketing to users who had previously visited the site, but not converted. Over the course of the campaign additional keywords were added and removed based on performance and fluctuating budgets. Generic terms proved to be top converters and were bid to the first position to take advantage of potential leads. Remarketing lists for search ads were also launched to allow for aggressive bidding towards users who had previously visited the site and were still searching on relevant terms.

Results and Conversions

  • Almost 100 conversions were recorded in the first 3 full months of Pico’s program management
  • In 2016, Pico’s campaigns provided a return of over 3.3:1
  • The cost per acquisition of those leads decreased 55% from previous months’ data
  • Cost per click decreased 87% allowing Pico to allocate more budget to top performing terms
  • Clickthrough rate increased 10% and average position improved by 37%