Pico began an engagement with Refactored Media and InfinityQS. The challenge was to build a new integrated program allowing InfinityQS to introduce its refreshed brand into the b2b market.


The goal in partnership with Refactored Media, was to elevate a conversation about the value of quality data among quality professionals, and to illustrate how a new perspective about that data can deliver unexpected value for manufacturing organizations.

Pico worked directly with the Refactored team on paid media and search engine optimization programs in order to effectively drive results.

Pico Strategy

The plan was to build a diverse media mix to hit all stages of the purchase funnel for b2b buyers – this included website work and an exit pop-up to recapture those leaving the site who didn’t convert, in addition to advertising in both Google and LinkedIn.

In Google, search campaigns were built on key niche terms in addition to display efforts and YouTube advertising to see the lift gained from video efforts. Dynamic ads were created in display campaigns to fit on all screen sizes and take advantage of native advertising opportunities in Google. This also allowed for detailed testing of colors, call to action text and imagery.

In LinkedIn, US and UK specific campaigns were built with 3 sponsored content pieces each. Lead forms were utilized to allow users to convert directly within the platform instead of having to visit the site and ultimately provide information.

Organically, a strategy was built to rank for high volume search terms without good paid visibility thus freeing up more budget for converting ads. Content was developed to drive an increase in keyword visibility with a narrowed quarterly focus to hit specific segments enough to drive results before changing direction.

The program results also helped lead to InfinityQS winning multiple honors from The Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA).

Results and Conversions


  • Clickthrough Rate increased 53% quarter over quarter
  • Conversions increased direct conversions by 134% and 160% increase in total conversions all at a 43% lower cost per lead quarter over quarter
  • Spend increased 45% paired with above results
  • Video showed a 13.6% brand lift compared to the b2b industry standard of 8.5%


  • Benchmark CTR of 0.3%, InfinityQS averaged 0.45% between multiple campaigns
  • Benchmark Engagement of 0.4%, InfinityQS at 0.48% average
  • Cost per Lead decreased from $3,000 to $70 in 3 months (testing of lead generation assets, continuous updates to keep content fresh, bid optimizations, budget optimizations)


  • Average Time on Site increased site wide 9.19% in just 5 months with key pages experiencing an average session duration of 12:08
  • Page per Visit (Pages/Session) between Q2 and Q3, there was a 14.93% increase in pages/session looking year over year
  • Organic Traffic increased 40% in just 5 months time

“The engagement has led to dramatic increases in site traffic and conversions, meeting the client’s needs and expectations. Pico Digital Marketing holds monthly meetings to discuss updates and provides 24/7 support for any questions or concerns. The team is skilled, trustworthy, and professional.”

Greg Matranga
VP of Global Marketing
InfinityQS (Advantive)