Our goal for Acten was to introduce an established international joint supplement into the US market.


Once the site and media launched, the conversion rates from the e-commerce website experience were lower than expected. Users were adding the product to their cart, but abandoning at an extremely high rate.

Pico worked directly with the client and Hotjar to create heatmaps for the entire the purchase process to understand user behavior and improve overall purchase rate and increase revenue.

Pico Strategy

We wanted to understand what was happening during the purchase process knowing users were adding the product to their cart, but abandoning before check out. There was a compelling time-sensitive coupon code, so the website performance didn’t make sense.

We implemented Hotjar heat mapping website code to track customer activity. The data showed us that when the visitor entered the coupon code, the price was not updating to reflect the discount above the fold of the website. Assuming the code wasn’t working, users abandoned their carts. The only section where they were able to see their discount was below the billing details only accessible by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Heatmapping showed us where customers clicked, how they scrolled, and where they lingered on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Our team, the client and their design group worked together to ensure the coupon code was functioning with a visible price change, and to adjust the layout of the checkout page. We wanted to make it clear that the coupon was applied in an easy to comprehend format.  Finally, we implemented an SSL secure icon and note at the top of the page to add trust and validity for users.

Results and Conversions

  • Conversion rate improved by 186%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 30%
  • Bounce rate improved by 80%
  • Pages per session increased by 53%