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Samantha Bedford

“We work in partnership with our clients to achieve their goals, many times going outside of the contracted work.”

– Samantha Bedford, Founder, Pico Digital Marketing

Bedford founded Pico Digital Marketing in 2014 to specialize in all things digital by helping to solve business problems. At that point, she had already come a long way in her career. She moved from Cape Town, South Africa, to Denver, Colorado, to help Andrew Beckman grow his digital agency, Location3 Media.

She went up the ladder fast, and Location3 grew into an award-winning agency, something she is very proud of to this day. However, with that level of growth, they were up to over 70 team members and Bedford spent most of her time in meetings.

At her core, she loved to get in the weeds and see an impact by building keyword lists, creating and testing ad copy, and analyzing results. Unfortunately, the executive position Bedford was in at Location3 didn’t allow for that. That’s why she decided the best way to do that was to start her own company.

Because of her new motherhood, Bedford wanted to build a company where team members could take the afternoon off to play with their kid(s), go to a school concert, or go skiing with friends. She felt by allowing that level of freedom and trust for the team and putting their goals first, they, in turn, would respect the goals of their clients and the company.

Transparency is what we excel in most. Here at Pico Digital Marketing, we respect our clients’ and prospects’ time and ensure that reporting is not just the numbers, but that there is a significant value associated with it. Every call has an agenda and purpose.

We use the time our clients have given us respectfully and productively. Even in our pitches, we go above and beyond by supplying valuable feedback on programs they’re currently running; not just fluff about who we are and what our successes have been.

Sometimes, this process doesn’t work; prospects take that wealth of information and run. However, if they want to do that, then they’re not an ideal fit for Pico. Our clients are part of the Pico family and our biggest advocates.

When it comes down to it, it’s vital to surround yourself with the right team. These are people who will challenge you as well as have complementary skills and personalities. What’s more, these need to be people who feel confident enough to fight and bicker with you.

“Every mistake teaches us something and makes us stronger. By breeding that level of understanding in your company, you allow for a greater level of respect, unity, creativity, and vision.”

– Samantha Bedford, Founder, Pico Digital Marketing

Make sure your team knows that failure is not fatal, that it’s a part of the process, it’s a part of our success.

One of the ways we’ve made an effort to validate our success has been through using Clutch, a platform that ranks companies and firms from around the world. Our Clutch profile will feature unbiased, verified client reviews and help us recognize our employees’ contributions and successes.

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If you’d like to provide your feedback about a past or ongoing engagement, feel free to do so. Or if you’d like to discuss your next project, contact us anytime!

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