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    The Other 95%

    As marketers, we need to find the right blend of digital techniques to effectively drive new visitors to your site and keep your product or service top of mind. Although paid search is one of the best performing tools in the digital space, it only reaches a small fraction of searchers. These are searchers who are in a much different phase of the purchase funnel.

    In digital marketing we are always talking about the funnel. According to Google, more than 30% of users complete an action using more than one digital channel. Over 90% of them use more than one device. It’s imperative to reach those people closer to a purchase decision, but if you’re not growing your overall pie, it doesn’t matter how many slices you get.

    Digital Display and video provide a unique ability for new consumers to interact with your brand. These people may not click on your ads and convert right away, but you’ve now become part of their consideration set. Since we know online users are interacting with brands through multiple channels, your brand message needs to be seen on each one of those. Display and Video offer unrivaled (albeit creepy) targeting options. Whether you want to target based on search history, employment, search behavior, clones, purchase data, keywords or a mix of everything, there are hundreds of partners that have access to the data you need. See how Display can complement your digital strategy.
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    People Instead of Cookies – Digital Display & Video Advertising

    Targeting users based on the content they look at on the internet paired with demographic and psychographic details and remarketing strategies, allows you to get your brand’s products and services in front of a huge amount of online users. We’ll develop the right mix of display tactics and partners to increase your brand’s online presence and provide successful results based on your goals. Whether it be banner ads, text, video, or a mix, your dollars are more effectively spent in the online display space versus paying for expensive TV ads with little to no tracking. Our specialty lies in display and we have over 25 years of experience putting together custom programs that are actively analyzed and optimized to meet our clients’ goals.

    Digital Display Options Include:

    • Video advertising in YouTube & 3rd party partners
    • Google Display Network
    • Programmatic partner advertising
    • Search retargeting
    • Site retargeting
    • Location-based retargeting
    • Keyword contextual targeting
    • Demographic targeting
    • Situational targeting


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