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    Email is Still at the Forefront of Digital Communication

    With the influx of social media channels, many brands have scaled back on email marketing thinking their customers would rather engage with them through other means. Unfortunately, that’s not true as over 90% of internet users check their email daily. Email communication should still be a huge part of your marcomm strategy.

    It serves as an early point of contact for leads, an ongoing source of brand, promotional or informational contact for current customers and allows you to begin to build a nurturing strategy to push potential customers further down the funnel towards purchase. For a minimal investment (most of the time), you can easily send communication out, track performance and build a strategy that integrates with your content plans.

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    Email Marketing that Works

    We work with you to understand your brand and your customers so that we can develop the most meaningful email marketing programs for your business and make your sales cycle faster. Our campaigns are attached to aggressive goals to move your customers down the funnel or get existing customers purchasing more. We plan content that works with all your digital media channels from organic social posts, paid ads and display, to content on your website.

    Whether your pushing a promotion to an existing email list, or trying to generate leads, we help build a digital strategy that reaches those goals.

    When it comes to online lead generation, most companies need more than one touchpoint with a user. We work to develop a content strategy that helps educate your potential customers on your product and industry so that they see you as a thought leader in the space, which is often the first step to a paying customer.

    Have any legal concerns? We’re prepared! All our programs meet all anti-spam rules with opt-out opportunities, double opt-in and sign up forms integrated directly onto your website.


    Our Email Marketing Programs Include:

    • Strategy to capture contact information/list building
    • Lead-driven content development or consultation
    • Email platform management
    • Email list management
    • Graphics creation
    • Development of emails & ongoing communication
    • Reporting & analysis
    • Integration of messaging across all digital tactics


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