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Find Exactly Who You’re Looking For

Some brands assume that having a social media presence, like a Facebook page or Twitter account, checks that ‘social’ box off and they move on to the next thing. While having a presence on the most popular social media channels is imperative to a coordinated strategy, why waste the niche targeting capabilities and unique ad options delivered by these social giants?

Social campaigns give you the ability to find exactly who you’re looking for. Whether it’s Marketing Directors and decision makers in IT on LinkedIn, or people who’ve shown an interest in luxury jewelry on Facebook or Pinterest, users freely give information to social channels, thus giving us the ability to find them and provide ultra-relevant messages. In today’s digital landscape, users expect everything to be customized for them as individuals, not groups, not audiences, not cookies. With social, we know exactly who we’re talking to and ensure our campaigns are built to talk to a person instead of an audience. Social media advertising and management is essential to laying the groundwork for dynamic brand awareness.
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Integrated Effectiveness

Nothing provides faster more effective results than a fully integrated online campaign. Our paid social campaigns are developed hand-in-hand with SEO, pay per click, display and local programs to own earned media, find users down the funnel, and introduce your product or service to users who are the most likely to be interested.

Done correctly, paid social is your business’s best way to attain a new audience through a new avenue. Getting a user to take action through a social ad gets them interacting with your website and brand. This can generate new business inquiries, signals of intent like viewing content on your site, and even lead to online transactions. If a user is satisfied with that interaction, they tend to go back to that original channel to talk about their experience leading to positive feedback, reviews, word of mouth advertising – ultimately leading to more revenue for your business.

Our Social Media Programs Include:

  • Social audit and assessment of the best social channels for your brand
  • Advertising account build
  • Campaign, Category, Ad development
  • Pixel tracking and detailed instructions for placement
  • Custom audience targeting
  • Promotions, contest, offer development
  • Daily campaign optimization
  • Monthly measurement & reporting

Platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube


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