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Testimonials 1

I have worked with both PICO principals as CMO at two different companies, both times employing them in SEO and PPC. Their level of professionalism and expertise is unmatched in my experience anywhere in the Industry. They are true experts and are technically proficient in analytics and deployment. But where they really shine is in business acumen and strategy. PICO gets where we need to go and is understanding about testing and piloting their way forward to make the business case for increasing SEM budget. I couldn’t ask for a more responsive and responsible agency partner. I highly recommend them for any company that wants the best SEM marketers anywhere.

― David Sparks, General Manager – Target Rich Solutions

Testimonials 2

Pico has been the most responsive and effective PPC agency I’ve ever worked with. They are always optimizing our campaigns to deliver results. We’ve integrated end-to-end campaign tracking to understand how our ads are performing. This tracking helped us discover that PPC leads generated the highest average deal sizes across all of our marketing channels. I value my relationship with the Pico team and would highly recommend them to any company looking for PPC services.

― Jenay Sellers, VP Marketing – Brandfolder

Testimonials 3

Pico has been a huge breath of fresh air. Their blend of knowledge, diligence and creativity has drastically increased our ROI and made my life so much simpler.

― Brian McClister, Director – Melissa Joy Manning Inc.

Testimonials 4

Pico has been a great partner into IntelePeer’s entry into digital marketing. Their attention to detail, monitoring and management to ensure maximizing spend and ROI has made this potential overwhelming strategy simple to understand and implement.

― Alison Haynes, VP of Marketing – IntelePeer

U-Save Car & Truck Rental

As a franchisor, we wanted to help our franchisees figure out how to best spend their search engine marketing dollars. We approached Pico Digital with the challenge, along with a very tight time constraint. They were able to very quickly get our program up and running and delivered fantastic results! I love working with Pico because they understand how busy we are and are able to take a project and run with it. I never have to worry about follow-up or missing target dates. I highly recommend Pico if you are looking for expertise that feels more like a partner than an outsourced vendor!

― Carrie Kelly, Director of Marketing – Franchise Services of North America, Inc.

Testimonials 5

Pico is an integral asset to Charter Jet One’s SEM, raising our company’s initiatives and brand awareness across the web. About two years ago, I engaged Pico to advance my SEO metrics and Google AdWords, in order to bring more traffic to my site. Pico immediately set forth technical requirements and efficient protocols for for the overall construction of our optimization.

Through the implementation of safe strategies Pico has helped Charter Jet One preposition itself on Google’s, Yahoo’s and Bing’s rankings, making strident leaps up the digital ladder almost overnight.
In short, Pico has spared us the agony of a slow climb to the top. In a few short weeks my company grew to enjoy a top position for certain adwords relevant to our industry, across multiple browsers.
With their suggestion to redevelop my website, Pico demonstrated a great understanding in content marketing. At their suggestion, I reevaluated my content across several pages of redundancies, and in coordination with a partner, Pico re-constructed my site allowing more navigability, and a more content efficient, value worthy website.

Samantha Bedford and her team have piloted the entire lifecycle of the project including project planning, cost, resource allocation, and now integration and implementation with a CRM software.
It is often stated that “the product speaks for itself.” With Pico’s efforts we have created what I hope will be a great user experience for the private charter client.

On a personal note, my expectations have changed regarding measurable targets to leads conversion via digital marketing. The task was initially daunting and challenging, with Pico’s performance and support it is now safe to label it as “easy as pie.”

With Pico’s continued collaboration, I hope to achieve the same success with my soon-to-launch mobile app.

― Richard Berger, CEO – Charter Jet One

Testimonials 6

We are delighted to work with the Pico Team! They have a clear understanding of our business needs and goals and are excellent communicators . I LOVE that Sam explains things in terms I can understand. She truly takes the time to touch base with our team above and beyond weekly status reports.

― Lin Patten, Marketing / Stylist – Garbarini


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