Samantha Bedford – Founder & CEO

Favorite thing about digital marketing:
Make a change today and see the impact tomorrow.

Most significant personal accomplishment:
Having the personality to take risks and follow dreams. Having no problems is the biggest problem of all. I am someone who enjoys solving problems both personally and professionally.

Fun fact:
I am a global citizen – I lived in England, South Africa, the USA, and now Scotland.

Awards and Honors:

Diamond Winner:

  • ITSMA Awards for Marketing Excellence – Small and Medium Businesses
  • 2018 Gold Key Awards
  • Gold Award: Transform Awards North America – Best Rebrand of a Digital Property
  • Highly Commended Honor: Transform Awards North America – Best Brand Evolution
  • Stevie Award Finalist


I am certified in Google Ads – Display, Shopping, Search, and Measurement. I am also certified in Amazon Ads, Yext, and Google Analytics. I have completed an Award of achievement at the University of British Columbia for Web Analytics. Received a certificate for completing work on Organizational Analysis

Brigette Muller
Head of SEO

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
No two days are the same. No two business challenges are either. Being able to problem solve and drive results for our clients excites me daily.

My most significant personal accomplishment:
Selling up my entire life in South Africa and moving to the USA with two bags and two dogs, with no job prospects. Fast forward five years later, and I own a thriving business, live in a gorgeous home and am driven to get up daily to create more work opportunities for fellow South Africans.

Fun Fact:
I am a sunset junkie. If a sunset is to be seen, I will seek it out.

Melindi Snyman
Director of Marketing Operations & Organic Social

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
Wow, where do I begin? I’ve learnt so much in the past few years, which seems everchanging. It amazes me what we can achieve with technology and how impactful it is.

My most significant personal accomplishment:
I can hit a target with a rifle over a distance of 1km.

Fun Fact:
I’ve visited/travelled through 14 states of the US during December 2018.

John Pope
Finance Director

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
The diverse and interesting people you meet in this ever-evolving space.

My most significant personal accomplishment:
I derive my greatest pleasures in life from watching my family’s growth. I love travelling, the outdoors, and of course, my dogs.

Fun Fact:
I have had many jobs, from paperboy to company CEO. All this has added tremendous value to my life experience.

Laura Salmond
Director of Brand, Sales, and Marketing

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
Instant gratification

My most significant personal accomplishment:
Buying a newsagent at 19. It was a lot of hard work, and I did it to make a profit on the property, but it grounded me and made me appreciate hard work.

Fun Fact:
I write short stories in my spare time.

Taff Nemusese
Director of Business Development

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
Digital Marketing is one field that excites me because it constantly transforms. It is one component of marketing that will continue to take the lead in driving the 4IR, and being actively a part of this era is one of my favourite things!

My most significant personal accomplishment:
The ability to transform a client’s business from barely breaking even to being the most recognized in its field nationally over a short period. I advocate for supporting neglected communities, and this specific business serves a less fortunate community. Watching them rise simply because of online exposure they never had is one thing that warms my heart and pushes me to always believe in and nurture something, even if no one else understands.

Fun Fact:
I love speed and regularly go on hot laps at motoring events and races at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. It is the only current motor racing facility on the African continent to be certified by the Federation International de l’Automobile for meeting international standards.

Polly Pope
Finance Manager

My favourite thing about digital marketing is:
Always dynamic, consistently developing, and changing like a chameleon! Easy access for small businesses to grow brand awareness online.

My most significant personal accomplishment:
Being a late bloomer by obtaining my driver’s license at 50 & accomplishing my BA degree in Human Sciences and Community Psychology, graduating in 2009 at 56. Moral of the story… it’s never too late to reach your dreams!

Fun Fact:
Winning a ticket to witness Nelson Mandela’s inauguration in 1994 as president in the SA government buildings, Cape town, in the presence of the late Queen Elizabeth II and outgoing President De Klerk. As they walked past me, I could have touched them! A memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience…unforgettable.

Working with us is about you! We create custom digital solutions designed for any challenge, and we’d love to help you get found online.