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What is a Micro-Team Structure?

Since its formation in 2014, Pico Digital Marketing has always endeavored to be at the forefront of innovation in the digital world. That latest development has seen the implementation of a unique micro-team structure internally, and the launch of a new UK office in Scotland – spearheaded by founder and CEO Samantha Bedford. Both of these aspects will allow Pico to provide an even more extensive service to our clients, improve responsiveness and diversify our approach to practices we already specialize in.

As the term might suggest, a micro-teams structure is when the business is formed up of a collection of smaller and more agile teams. In our case, we have a number of two-person partnerships within each of the service offerings we provide across our US and UK offices. These teams are constructed of an account manager and specialist coordinator, delivering both white label and fractional services.

As well as being nimble and possessing the optimum blend of experience and fresh ideas, these teams are also built around diverse perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic and offer the ability for continuous working across different time zones allowing for a quick reaction whenever adjustments can be made to maximize an advantage.


Benefits of Pico’s US-UK Presence with Micro-Team Structure


Working across different time zones

With offices in both the UK and US, we have teams working around the clock, ready and alive to adapt and respond with support, consultation and strategy. There is also a unique dynamic where there is a convenient handover from UK to US teams, and vice-versa, ensuring a constant stream of work and continuous monitoring of client campaigns and data.


Facilitating moves into new markets

As Pico expands into the UK, this also allows us to help facilitate a similar growth for our clients. Breaking into a new geographical area can be daunting, even if richly rewarding. With our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure on both sides of the Atlantic, we can aid a seamless transition and application of your marketing activities when growing into the UK or the US. Having a physical presence in both of these markets gives us a first-hand perspective of the conditions on the ground, allowing us to build the most effective strategy for your company’s success.


Different Perspectives across the Atlantic

With an experienced team based in Colorado and Scotland, we possess unique perspectives from both a UK and US background. Allied to these diverse viewpoints, our approach to the services we offer is derived from these perspectives of both British and American teachings. This means we can devise even more creative solutions for our clients as a result of these unique range of perspectives and experiences.


Understanding different tactics across AMER and EMEA regions

As well as having a wide range of perspectives when creating philosophies and solutions, we also experience first hand the different tactics utilized in the AMER (North, Central and South America) and EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) regions. This positions us ideally to gain new knowledge and insight of marketing techniques developing across the world that could either help your business move ahead of the curve or create a unique competitive advantage by exploiting tactics and strategies that are not yet prominent in your geographical environment.


In conclusion, this latest expansion for Pico and the innovative micro-teams structure allows us to be even more agile and quick to react to an always-moving digital landscape. With an expert team already established in Denver, the opening of a UK office will only add to the knowledge and experience that Pico already enjoys with the added bonus of unique perspectives. As well as being ideally placed to aid in the transition of a similar international expansion as Pico has undertaken, we are also at the forefront of learning and subsequently adopting techniques as they arrive in the different international regions that we operate.  

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