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As a Senior Vice President running Paid Media at a larger agency for over 14 years, Sam didn’t have much time to dedicate to her family. She knew it was only a matter of time before she couldn’t juggle life as a mother to a young son and the stress of growing a company.

Caitlin had recently gotten married and wanted to start a family. After years in the digital space, her career was starting to take off, but she missed developing close relationships with smaller partners. She wanted to be part of something more personal.

Enter Pico.

Pico Takes Form

We talked about starting our own agency for a while before it actually happened. Isn’t that always the case? A distant dream to get excited about every time you get frustrated. It was actually over a glass of Baileys, a margarita and some pico de gallo that this dream began to take form.

After that dinner, Caitlin wrapped up a little poker chip for Sam with a picture of pico as a reminder to keep pushing towards that goal.

Sam took a huge risk a few months later and founded Pico Digital Marketing in July 2014. It was a difficult choice to resign from a beloved company after 14 years, numerous awards and over 70 new employees, but she knew in her heart it was the right choice.

She grew Pico alone by providing quality custom programs at a reasonable cost, while developing strong relationships with clients. About a year and a half later, Caitlin, 8 months pregnant and ready to change her career to match her new role as a mother, joined the team bringing the original dream full circle.

Pico was founded to prove that moms can be leaders and entrepreneurs. We work to live. We work in an environment that lets us spend time with our families and do what we love. In Spanish, one one of Pico’s meanings is ‘Peak of a Mountain” and we are constantly striving to hit that peak in our custom programs, in our professional lives, and most importantly, in our personal lives.


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