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Heather Schallert

Director of SEO

I’m a Colorado Native, lover of the outdoors, dogs, and chasing anything that makes my heart beat faster.

I have been working in the digital marketing space for 15+ years and have a unique skill set which is essential for business development and growth. SEO, Social, and SEM solutions powered by brand positioning are the key components that yield user acquisition, user retention, effective measurements, and the development of deep brand loyalty. I specialize in crafting programs in each of those areas to help clients solve business problems.

I have a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry and propelling the growth of startups. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Strategy, Management, Growth Hacking, and Marketing Strategy. I can grow your business, increase your search results, create brand dominance, develop  high converting websites, increase sales, market products, create eye-catching designs, and design compelling experiential marketing activations.

At Pico, I specialize in developing custom SEO programs to help increase clients’ organic visibility in addition to creative ad development, landing page creation and web design and development.


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