Pico Digital Marketing Establishes International Office in the UK, Expanding Services and Potential

Pico Digital Marketing is now an international full-service digital marketing company, based in the US and the UK. This move has helped Pico Digital Marketing diversify its services and offerings to cater to a broad client base in multiple different time zones.

Branching out to expand the office was a big move made by founder Samantha Bedford. Leaving the US and settling in the UK was not only a personal dream but a dream for Pico Digital Marketing to be available to more of the world.

Not only does having an international office help to service more clients and their customers, but it also helps Pico Digital Marketing become well versed in understanding different complexities from EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) to AMER (North, Central, and South America) and vice versa. The more presence Pico Digital Marketing has in these regions, the more they are able to serve and support.

Catering to these regions with international offices puts Pico Digital Marketing in a position to assist clients who want to break into different markets. When clients are interested in marketing overseas, it can be daunting and intimidating. However, there are huge benefits to international marketing and now Pico Digital Marketing can assist clients to reach new customers and expand their offerings.

Additionally, the international office sets Pico Digital Marketing up to be available 24/7 by covering multiple time zones. With constant support, creativity, strategy, and consultation, Pico clients will have the ability to grow faster and with more intention through an international lens.

Pico Digital Marketing specializes in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), content development, and much more. By approaching clients with an international perspective, the company is able to offer unique solutions that are not seen in a solitary market.

The benefits of being international are exponential. As the company continues to grow and service clients across multiple industries, their portfolio and referrals are also expanding.

Bedford, who is heading up the UK office stated, “As they say a dream does not become reality through magic, it takes determination and hard work, and in my case a team of digital experts backing that dream. This expansion is the result of hard work, learning from failures, and everyone working towards a purposeful goal.”

International collaborations are vital to keeping the company dynamic, cultured, and unique in their offerings. From differing perspectives, new ways to offer creative solutions, different policies, and many variations of culture, Pico Digital Marketing is set up to be an industry leader.

Benefits of international marketing

  • Immersion in a new culture
  • Access to many different cultures and international markets
  • Ability to help more people around the clock
  • Diversify markets
  • More creative solutions to clients<
  • Understanding of different tactics in EMEA and AMER
  • Assisting clients in international marketing
  • Unique digital advertising solutions


About Samantha Bedford

Samantha Bedford is a contributor to Denver Business Journal and there is much to share as the office stabilizes and grows in the UK. This is also a great opportunity to learn from the UK market and share the findings with the Denver, CO office. The company was established in Denver and serves local and national clients. The move to the UK will combine the knowledge of both markets to serve clients like never before.

This is the beginning of a new frontier for Pico Digital Marketing that is sure to lead to great expansion.

About Pico Digital Marketing

Pico Digital Marketing is an online digital marketing agency located in Denver, CO, and Scotland, UK. They specialize in all things ‘internet’ to help businesses build a digital presence. Founded by Samantha Bedford in 2014, Pico Digital Marketing provides quality custom programs at a reasonable cost, while developing strong relationships with clients. With multiple certifications and awards, Pico Digital Marketing continues to push to the peak of the mountain.

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