We’re thrilled to announce that our client InfinityQS, has won several awards from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA)!

We began our engagement with Refactored Media and InfinityQS in March of 2016. The goal in partnership with Refactored Media, was to elevate a conversation about the value of quality data among quality professionals, and to illustrate how a new perspective about that data can deliver unexpected value for manufacturing organizations.

Pico worked directly with the Refactored team on paid media and search engine optimization programs in order to drive online results.

As a result of Pico’s efforts paired with the DPR Group, Spreckley, Fox Parrack, Refactored Media and the IQS Marketing team, InfinityQS received a number of honors including:

• Diamond Winner: ITSMA Awards for Marketing Excellence – Small and Medium Businesses
• Finalist: ITSMA Awards Marketing Excellence – Strengthening Brand Differentiation
• Gold Award: Transform Awards North America – Best Rebrand of a Digital Property
• Highly Commended Honor: Transform Awards North America – Best Brand Evolution

InfinityQS® International, Inc. is the global authority on data-driven manufacturing quality. The company’s Quality Intelligence solutions—Enact® and ProFicient™—deliver unparalleled visibility and strategic insight across the enterprise, from the shop floor to the boardroom, enabling manufacturers to re-imagine quality and transform it from a problem into a competitive advantage.

Information Technology Services Marketing Excellence Awards                 InfinityQS Marketing

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