Why You Should Still Do PPC Even If You’re Number One For SEO

Being number one for a search term brings in a lot of traffic. You’re the first choice for many people searching online. However, even if you’re number one, you could miss out on many potential clients if you don’t apply PPC. SEO and PPC management is the key to success in the online world.

What Are SEO and PPC?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a series of strategies you apply to rank higher on websites like Google. Data shows that the higher your ranking, the more you improve your traffic. SEO is a preference of many businesses because the methods involved are organic. They also cost less to apply.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a traditional form of advertising online. You place your business on ads on Google, social media, and other platforms. Each time a person clicks on your ad, you pay the platform an amount. While it isn’t as organic, PPC is one of the most effective ways to gain visibility online fast.

PPC or SEO: Which Is Better?

Purists of each side often argue that one is better than the other. However, the truth is that both of them affect your business differently. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. The best option is to go for a PPC and SEO strategy to get the benefits of both.

Unlike SEO, PPC is a form of direct selling. You can tweak your ads to promote specific products or services you are offering. Platforms like Google also place these paid ads in areas that people frequent. With the popularity of machine learning, PPC also follows the interests of a user before displaying your ad.

PPC is a way for smaller businesses to catch up with all the traction that larger companies have. By giving you more visibility, you get a chance against big brands. It doesn’t affect your organic search rankings, but it is flexible enough to get the attention of anyone online.

Does PPC Affect SEO?

PPC affects SEO positively. What both do is complement your business by providing visibility on both paid and free channels. Many people search online to find companies, services, recommendations, and more. SEO helps by connecting with them.

PPC also helps in this regard, filling the gap by appearing in other locations. They help connect with your customers immediately.

A PPC AND SEO Strategy Is What You Need

While the approach is different for both, they use essentially the same elements for success. For example, both PPC and SEO use keywords. They also both appear in searches on Google. Here’s how you can take advantage of both:

  • Have PPC ads on your top-ranked SEO keywords so that you always appear at the top results.
  • Have PPC ads on lower-ranked keywords to bring in more traffic and get more of your ideal market.
  • Apply similar keywords for both so that your PPC can drive your SEO rankings up.
  • Build SEO content to build brand awareness, loyalty, and authority. Adding in PPC accelerates the process.
  • Position your SEO in platforms where you have a high engagement to catch new and potential customers.

The Benefits of PPC and SEO Integration

Integrating PPC with your SEO plans can improve all your metrics even further. As a business with a strong SEO presence online, you want to boost revenue further and capture those areas that you previously couldn’t reach. Here are some of the benefits PPC will give when you integrate it along with your SEO plan


Many of those who click through your SEO content may not be ready to buy at the moment. With all the information around them, they could forget your business when they need your product or services. By having PPC targeting them, you can remarket your products and bring customers back. As you’ve already established yourself with SEO, they have a much higher chance of converting.

For example, a customer has seen the products available on your site, but they aren’t interested in them right now. A few weeks later they need your product, and they see your ad on Google, reminding them. They go to your site and complete the purchase.


Having data is one thing, but applying it and seeing for yourself is the key to success. When you discover a new keyword, you can test the waters through PPC before putting more effort into it using your SEO. If it fails, at least you only spent small resources to test the waters first before fully committing. If it is successful, you’ll be able to see areas in the market that you haven’t tapped yet.

PPC broadens your horizons and gives you room to experiment with low risk. It can help you break through a revenue ceiling.

More Data

SEO and PPC both provide data that you can compare with one another. You’ll have much more information for your decisions, and you’ll have data to back up each move you make. By examining similarities and differences, you can make adjustments for each campaign.

For example, if you see a high conversion rate in a keyword, you can spend more on your PPC to target that keyword. Conversely, if you find that people are bouncing off from a keyword, you can lower spending and lessen the SEO focus.

Increased Presence

Studies show that paid channels increase sales and traffic even for businesses. PPC allows you to recover missed clicks or those who missed your site during the first go around. By improving your presence, you also get more chances that people will click through your site. Dominating search results is the key to getting more clicks and possible conversions.

How To Use PPC In SEO

The issue that many PPC users encounter is the investment needed. If you’re planning to target competitive keywords, then you are bidding high. There are many ways to cut down on spending in PPC, but many businesses aren’t aware of it. A common misconception that people have is that PPC is like spraying bullets, hoping you hit something.

You have more tools and information at your disposal to make PPC efficient. Instead of thinking of PPC as random gunfire, you can use the keywords you have with your SEO to make PPC a more targeted effort. That way, every cent you spend on PPC has a better chance of landing a lead. Then, you can allot a part of your budget to finding new keywords.

Learn SEO and PPC

There are many resources available for you to learn PPC and how you can integrate it with SEO. The question is whether or not you have time for it. Like any skill, PPC takes time to improve, and those who can dedicate themselves to it can reap the most rewards. You can invest in it yourself or have a team member handle the learning process.

Alternatively, you can hire a PPC expert or those with the right skill as an employee. The downside is that it can end up costing you more time and money than you can afford at the moment. One way companies circumvent this is by contracting a professional team. A team that knows both SEO and PPC can help jumpstart the process for you.

Often, they cost less than hiring a new employee or spending resources to train a new one. You’ll also save time as you already get the experience of a team that’s had years of training in the field. It is an investment to make sure you hit your deadlines.

With that said, learning a bit about PPC and SEO should be something that all businesses strive for. Knowing what you are dealing with can help you make better decisions in the long run.

SEO and PPC Marketing Through an Agency

An agency will have numerous specialists who can bring together all the skills necessary for successful PPC and SEO. Here are some of the things you can expect by working with one:

  • Optimization: They can filter out keywords that aren’t converting, saving you more money. They’ll also filter out keywords when they know that it won’t be beneficial to your business.
  • Keyword analysis: Find keywords you are not using along with some hidden gems.
  • Competitor analysis: Check your competitors and see the things they are doing that are successful. You’ll find out things they are overlooking and things you can use to your benefit.
  • Testing: The team will handle all testing and adjustments for you. Proper testing will allow you to improve your ROI fast.
  • Focused strategy: The specialists can navigate specific platforms. For example, they’ll know how to properly place social media ads or how to maximize Google Ads.

Get The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to online marketing, PPC and SEO must be the things that you use the most. The most successful efforts come from optimizing both towards fulfilling your business goals. The approach might differ depending on your business.

Even then, you want a strategy that reaches all potential windows of opportunity. Start integrating SEO PPC management with us here at Pico Digital. We help businesses achieve digital brand dominance. Get in touch today to learn more!






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