Combining Search, Social, and Programmatic and leveraging learnings across channels helps drive top performance throughout each lifecycle stage.

Today’s consumer is an omnichannel browser and buyer. Consumers no longer take one social visit to become aware of or purchase a product. Coupling Search, Social, and Programmatic give you both “pull” (Search) and “push” (Programmatic) capabilities. This makes the programmatic network great for creating demand for your product or service (even if people don’t know they need it) and the search network answering demand. In other words, it allows you to cultivate a feeling of want and need instead of immediately capitalizing on existing ones.

Steps and tactics within the lifecycle

Generate Insights

This is crucial to ensure the people entering the lifecycle match whom we want to target. We need to have agreed upon personas, target audiences, targeting approaches, tactics, strategy, content/messaging, and conversion event tracking set up.


This is the top funnel where we create awareness and foster interest within our target audience. Make the brand a well-known brand amongst our audience through problem identification and offering a solution.

TACTICS: Non-brand keywords (Paid and Organic), interest, and topic targeting, demographic, contextual, geographic targeting, native ads, custom site lists, competitor conquesting, private marketplace.


Moving onto the middle of the funnel, our goal is to encourage our audience to evaluate our offer. Using brand storytelling to move the audience from awareness to consideration. Justifying the value of what our product/service is offering.

TACTICS: Custom search retargeting, targeting 1st party data, in-market targeting, affinity targeting, predictive display, lower funnel intent keywords (Paid and Organic), competitor keyword conquesting.


The bottom of the funnel is about conversion, where the prospect decides, and hopefully takes, the desired action.

TACTICS: Remarketing, Brand keywords, CRM Lookalike targeting, social media page engagers.


This happens post-purchase when we start to build a relationship. Build loyalty, retention, and advocacy.
This is also an opportunity to build a loop to upsell and cross-sell.

Instead of following a linear path toward purchasing a product or service, users are taking unique, one-of-a-kind journeys. Are you ready to learn about the modern Internet marketing sales funnel and plug the leaky bucket?

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