Why do we have LinkedIn on this page, away from social media? That’s because LinkedIn requires a significantly different strategy from the likes of other social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn is very expensive from a cost-per-click (CPC) standpoint, so your strategy needs to be spot on. Audience segmentation is key to success, and how you test that strategy is one of Pico’s many core strengths in LinkedIn advertising. But don’t take our word for it. Below is a screenshot of LinkedIn’s results for one of our software clients.

Source: LinkedIn – Comparison of a Pico client versus competitors

Considering LinkedIn is more expensive, why advertise on LinkedIn?

Why advertise on LinkedIn

  • Reach over 180+ million professionals worldwide.
  • Because many people use LinkedIn for professional growth, the data they place on their profiles will likely be more accurate and updated frequently than on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn caters more to B2B professionals.
  • Multiple ad formats to reach your audience, single image ads, video, conversation ads etc.
  • The level of targeting is extensive, from job title and company name or industry to LinkedIn group targeting.

Our LinkedIn Program Includes the following:

  • LinkedIn Audit
  • Recommended account build based on audience targeting and testing
  • Campaign Groups, Campaigns, and Ad development
  • Recommended ad copy/image testing
  • Pixel tracking and detailed instructions for placement
  • Building out of various remarketing lists
  • Daily campaign optimization
  • Monthly measurement & automated reports

The number of tools and targeting options on LinkedIn can make advertising on the channel very daunting. And with CPCs being so high (over $5 per click), the last thing you want to do is make a costly mistake. Professional management of LinkedIn can lead to high-quality conversions. At Pico, we have over 15+ years of successful management on LinkedIn across multiple industries and are happy to share those successes with our clients.

Working with us is about you! We create custom digital solutions designed for any challenge, and we’d love to help you get found online.