The team here at Pico are honoured to have achieved Google Premier Partner status in 2023 under changes to the program that made the standard of agencies selected for the accreditation even higher. 

What is a Premier Google Partner?

Only the top 3% of PPC agencies that meet Google’s robust requirements can achieve a Google Premier Partner status. Requirements include performance, spend and certification. A premier partner must also demonstrate excellent performance around client growth, retention and product diversification, whilst ultimately achieving the best results for their clients.

Despite our excellent results, it’s not about outperforming other agencies. At Pico, we employ real people who are passionate about what they do and how they do it, which shines through in the results that we deliver for the people and companies that we work with. 

As a boutique agency, it’s a huge deal for us to have accomplished so much but it’s not where we draw the line and our team will continue to be invested in attaining the very best for our clients and those who choose to work with us, whether their need is PPC or one of the many specialisations we offer.

What is the Difference Between a Google Partner and a Google Premier Partner?

As demonstrated above, both must meet requirements surrounding spend, performance and certification but to be awarded a premier partner status agencies need to go a little further, we have illustrated the difference in the table below. 

Google Partner vs Premier Google Partner

Google Partner  Premier Partner 
Performance: meet a minimum optimisation score of 70% in order to demonstrate you are able to set up and optimise Ad campaigns efficiently. Achieve the minimum in terms of performance, spend and certification.
Spend: maintain a minimum ad spend of $10,000 USD over a 90 day period. Client growth: achieve a client growth rate that is competitive with the top 3% of agencies
Certification: at least 50% of employees managing Google Ads need to be certified, with at least one employee certified in each topical area of Google Ads landscape. Client retention: achieve a client retention rate that is competitive with the top 3% of agencies.
Product diversification: demonstrate the best results for your clients through a mix of search, display, shopping and app Ads.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Google Premier Partner Agency?

No matter the accreditation, Pico are committed to achieving the most for your investment and getting the results that your internal stakeholders are asking for. 

However, working with an agency that has achieved the accreditation does mean you are working with one of the best agencies in the field, in addition, you can enjoy:

  • A closer working relationship with Google
  • Staying ahead of the curve: we are invited to work on Google products and use techniques before they come to market keeping your strategies ahead of the competition
  • Certified experts: our employees and your account managers are certified and skilled at what they do, which is mirrored in the results we deliver
  • Dedicated account management: we achieve an excellent retention rate because we care about our clients and work tirelessly to achieve the best results whether on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other paid platform.

If you would like to find out more about working with Pico, why not drop us a line on the form below?

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